Long time local hairdressers Nicole and Tressie followed their friend Renee to Parkview Village when she opened up Lucky Shane Hair Lounge six years ago, named for her son Shane. They all bought into the idea of a little big salon; big on experience, little on egos. What Renee and her fellow stylists have created is a space that is friendly, laid back, and a classic slice of East Long Beach. Patrons know each other, know their stylist, and feel comfortable talking about everything and anything while they get the perfect hairdo. Renee credits her small business’s success to the perfect blend of the three different stylists. Nicole specializes in precision hairstyling and blonder blondes. Tressie is a master at thick, curly, frizzy and unruly hair. Renee is a color specialist (color correction, multidimensional color, avant garde) and does texture, razor cuts. (left to right: Tressie, Nicole, Renee)

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